Sun, sun and more sun.

Some days you just need to get out of the house. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt like the weather was calling us to go outside. My sister and I had made plans the day before to go to the Memphis Zoo and maybe a local coffee shop. 

First stop was lunch at Whole Foods. As we were makin' our way down (I know you sang that) Germantown Parkway my sister Nakoma yelled, "It's a sunflower field!" as she pointed to the right. Points for distracting the driver. Young, old, and even a few drones were getting their sunflower selfies in the fields. 

As we ate our lunch and drank our kombucha, I thought of pose ideas #officiallyhipsters. It helps that sister Nakoma is always up for spontaneous shoots. She also conveniently wore a yellow top. 

We hurried back to the field, jumped out of the car, and began shooting. Moments like these are the reason I bring my camera everywhere.  

Our excitement covered the fact that the temperature had almost reached 100F. We were in the full sun with the humidity around 60%, or at least that's what it felt like. Anything to get the shot, right?

The heat finally hit us when we realized ours faces were dripping wet and turning pink after 15-20 minutes. Some fellow hipsters shooting next to us had left at that point. Confident in my shots, we decided to head back. 

It was now 3pm, and the zoo closes its doors at 5pm. I have to admit, sometimes I forget to check my clock (or iPhone) when I shoot...

We made it to the Memphis Zoo at 4pm, where I got pictures of sweaty and lethargic animals. Couldn't blame them. 1 hour was all the time we needed. 

Quite exhausted from the heat, we decided to head back and leave the coffee shop for another day.

3 wrong exits later, we were on our way back to Jackson with our heat-exhausted kombucha and battery-exhausted iPhones.  

But hey, at least we got the shot :D